YouTube Video Clips on Using Photoshop

Having Fun With Photoshop
Search Janie News YouTube for videos on using Photoshop or After you have watched a video, give a thumbs up (or down) and make a comment. You are invited to request other videos you would like to see in the comments section. Click the SUBSCRIBE button (it's free) and you will be kept advised on new videos when they are posted.
The first playlist con 12 tips for essential everyday corrections in digital post processing:
How to Revitalise a Bland Photograph
How to Remove a Halo
How to Use the Healing Brushes in Photoshop
How to Use Content-Aware Fill •
How to Use the Clone Stamp Tool
How to Use the Patch Tool
Two Ways to Correct Distortions
How to Remove a Colour Cast
How to Remove Distracting Highlights
How to Straighten a Horizon Without Losing Content
How to Remove Chromic Aberrations Without Spoiling Colours
How to Adjust Exposure Using Levels

The next playlist provides easy-to-follow steps for creating finishing touches to make an image stand out:
How to Create a Colour Frame to Tone With a Photo
How to Create a Glass Effect Frame
How to Create a Texture Filled Frame
Finishing Touches Using Strokes
3 Ways to Create a Vignette
Adding a Texture Effect to Enhance a Photograph

I'm currently writing:
Easy Selections Using the Quick Selection Tool
Creating a Montage
Selections Using Refine Edge
Selection Refinements
Understanding Layers
Understanding Masks
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