Photographic Biography: Janie News

Photographic Honours
Associate Photographic Society of America 2013
FIAP October 2012
Associate Australian Photographic Society 2009

Finalist Parliamentary Plein Air, Sydney NSW 2011
Sydney Art & About, Sydney NSW 2011
Nexus, Bellingen NSW 2017
The Art Space, Urunga NSW 2017 & 2018

Winner and Losers

Silver Medal Coachella USA 2013
Medal GASO USA 2013
Gold Medal, Serbia: Woman 2012
Judge's Choice, Hervey Bay QLD 2012
Portrait of the Year PSA CPID 2012
Silver & Bronze Medals FCC Topshot 2012
Bronze Medal, PSA EID International 2012
Silver Medal, FCC Topshot NSW Creative/Experimental 2011
Champion, Castle Hill Show 2010
Merit for Overall Points, Australian Digital Photography Awards 2010
Bronze Medal, Special Themes, Austria 2008
Best of Show, Digital Georgia Circuit, Oconnee, USA 2008
Image Sans Frontiere Medal, Gacilly, France 2007
Judge's Choice, Tropical USA 2006
Herbert Award, Australian Photographic Society 2006
Exhibition Champion - Electronic, 31st APS National Mildura 2006

Published Articles/Book/CD
2016 "PSA Journal" May "Creative Photography Using Photoshop & Elements: Adjustment Layers & Lighting Effects"
2015 "PSA Journal" October "Creative Photography Using Photoshop & Elements: Posterize Effect"
2015 "PSA Journal" August "Creative Photography Using Photoshop & Elements: Simple Eggface"
2015 "PS I Love You" CD 212 pages of tuition for photographers on using Photoshop & Elements
2015 "Introduction to Judging" CD
2014 "Good ... Better ... Best" CD
2013 "PSA Journal" February "How to Create a High Key Portrait"
2013 "PSA Journal" March "How toCreate a Solarized Effect"
2013 "PSA Journal" April "How to Create an Infrared Effect"
2013 "PSA Journal" May "How to Create a Sketch Effect"
2013 "PSA Journal" June "How to Create a Half Face Illusion"
2013 "Australian Photography & Digital " May 14 Great Tips to Shoot Stunning Seascapes"
2012 "Art of Your Mind" print and e-book
2012 "4 Days in New Mexico" March/April issue of APS "Image"
2011 "Welcoming 2011 Down Under" PSA Journal
2011 "How to Shoot Fireworks" Better Photography, Australia
2009 "What is Creative, and What is Not" PSA Journal

"Image Assessment" 2016
"Art of Your Mind " 2015
"Introduction to Judging" 2015
"Good ... Better ... Best" 2014
"How to Enter Internationals" 2013
"How to Shoot Yourself" 2012
"Having Fun With Photoshop" 2010

"Art of Your Mind" PDF e-book or printed book
"Art of Your Mind" distils over a decade of Janie's experience working with Photoshop to produce imaginative compositions. It introduces essential skills for manipulating photographs using Photoshop, and provides inspiration to experiment with creativity using a mouse as the paintbrush.

The book contains before and after examples of using Photoshop filters and 3rd party plug-ins, and tells the stories behind putting together composite images. It also suggests what to do next when photography becomes a way of life, as well as offering valuable hints on entering competitions.

Download "Art of Your Mind" on Amazon for $AUD9.99 using this link: The book can either be read on a Kindle or be downloaded to read on a PC using a free Kindle Reader. "Art of Your Mind" is also available for iPad users at Blurb also for $AUD9.99 using this link: An inexpensive downloadable PDF version for PC users who don't have Kindle or iPad readers is also available at Blurb.

"Introduction to Judging" explains what judges are looking for when they assess a photograph.

"Art of Your Mind Presentation" builds on the information in the book to give a visual feast of creative photography including work by some top NSW photographers. It argues for a wider range of images to be included in the genre and provides examples of Altered Reality, Photo Art and Abstract.

"Good ... Better ... Best" available as a PDF e-book, also a slideshow presentation
The content is aimed at beginner to intermediate digital photographers, explaining the 7 Cs: concept, camera and equipment, capture, composition, communication, correction and competition. Using Janie's before and after images, the presentation contains information on how to produce the best possible result from a digital photograph.

New photographers will be shown the difference between a snapshot and a competition entry. Others may be reminded of a few skills they have forgotten along the way, and it is hoped they will also enjoy the photography. There are so many tips and useful suggestions that a PDF of the talk is available as a take-home CD.

"Entering Internationals"
Advice and details for entering international photographic salons.

"How to Shoot Yourself"
This presentation is about Janie's husband Len’s quirky and funny self-portraits. She has written a slideshow that tells the stories of how Len goes about developing his ideas, obtaining props and dragging her all over town with him to various locations to shoot elements for his composite images. Along the way, Len provides tips and techniques about the technical side for those who are interested in taking their own photograph.

"Having Fun With Photoshop"
This is a lighthearted presentation showing before and after images using Photoshop to enhance photographs and express creativity.

Judging Experience
Federation of Camera Club Judges Course in 2007
PSA Image Assessment Course 2012

Approx. 170 judging assignments, including:
Newcastle National Exhibition of Photography 2016
Federation of Camera Clubs Topshot 2015
Sutherland National 2014
Sydney Harbour International 2013
Sydney International Exhibition of Photography 2013
Selection Committee for Australian Interstate Photographic Competition 2013
Maitland International 2013
Henry Lawson Awards 2012
Sydney International Exhibition of Photography 2011
Selection Committee for Australian Interstate Photographic Competition 2011
Selection Committee for Australian Photographic Society Honours 2010 & 2011
22nd Sutherland Shire National Exhibition of Photography 2010
Federation of Camera Clubs Topshot 2009
Australian Digital Photography Awards 2008